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My name is Paul Slaats, and I am a developer, product manager, and lifelong learner. My north star is creating value for people who invest their time, skills, and resources to improve their life and the lives of others.
I serve as a product manager at Capital Group, where my focus is providing investment insights through an ESG data platform. In addition to managing this platform, my teams have also built software for analyzing investment decisions, global oil supply, and financial cycles.
Before becoming a product manager, I worked alongside Capital Group’s team of investors as a Research Associate in pursuit of investment opportunities. My focus was researching small cap (<$6bn) companies and bringing technology to the investment process.
Before joining Capital Group, I graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a B.S. in Engineering. While attending, I partnered with Amazon and Northrop Grumman on research projects and interned with Starburst Aerospace, The Search Agency, Listen Logic and Thuzi.
Outside of work you can find me cooking, reading, or going for long runs.
ESG Data Platform
As a product manager at Capital Group, I developed a platform used to connect ESG data to the investment research process. The platform allowed users to monitor risks, research issues, and engage with company management.
Skills: AWS, Python, and SQL
Partner: Capital Group
Investment Journal
As a product manager at Capital Group, I developed a platform used to analyze investor decision making. The platform allowed users to record details regarding their decisions and combat hindsight bias when revisiting their investment process.
Skills: Python, R, and Tableau
Partner: Capital Group
Configurable Microphone Array
As part of a research team at Harvey Mudd, I designed a configurable microphone-speaker system used to expedite the testing process for Amazon Echo prototypes. The system allowed users to test varying microphone-speaker configurations and measure their effects on a beamforming algorithm.
Skills: Analog Circuit Design, CAD, and C++
Partner: Amazon Lab126
Automotive Radar
As part of a research team at Harvey Mudd, I designed a hardware system used to validate a software simulation of automotive radar systems. The software allowed users to test the effects of mutual interference in controlled scenarios with multiple radar systems.
Skills: Analog Circuit Design and MATLAB
Partner: Northrop Grumman
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